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Santa’s Fun Run Rotary Clubs of Marlow  Present External sites Sponsorship 9.30am Sunday 3rd December 2017 - Higginson Park DOWNLOADS SYTNER High Wycombe BMW Lead sponsor to the 2017 Santa’s Fun Run

                                                                     Scannappeal is a local charity dedicated to                                                                      providing state of the art medical equipment.                                                                      2017 is a very special year for the charity as it                                                                      celebrates its 30th Anniversary and raising

                                                                     over £12.5 million to purchase equipment for                                                                      every major department in each of the county’s                                                                      hospitals (Stoke Mandeville, Wycombe General                                                                      Amersham and community hospitals).  Every                                                                      10 minutes someone in the local area is                                                                      diagnosed or treated with equipment funded                                                                      by Scannappeal and one in four of the local                                                                      population has benefited from  Scannappeal’s  work. Over the past 30 years, Scannappeal has raised over £12.5 million and run nearly

30 major appeals and nearly 70 small projects.  70% of what we have done impacts the clinical areas of heart and cancer, including a 3D heart scanner, the first in the UK; a Heartworks simulator to improve training, and equipment to radically improve diagnosis and treatment of angina and heart attacks. Surgical equipment for skin cancer, a

Green light laser to treat prostate cancer as well as  equipment to rapidly diagnose the spread of breast cancer; and the other 30% touches all the other major departments.

The Compassionate Friends

The Compassionate Friends is a wonderful charity.  We provide support to parents after the death of a child (of whatever age from a baby to an adult).     We are unique in that all our trained volunteers have themselves lost a child and can therefore offer true empathy and understanding and can help those more recently bereaved to develop coping strategies and find hope.

We offer many different forms of support – local groups, online forums, a telephone helpline (open every day and always answered by a bereaved parent), and residential weekends.  

Some quotes from parents:

There was always someone to listen, respond and identify with. I found such comfort being with others who truly understood what I was going through. Without them, I honestly don’t know where I would be today. Their love, care, understanding and support were a balm to my broken heart.”

“Just knowing that we are not alone. Feeling the love and compassion flowing from other parents. Thank you to The Compassionate Friends for helping me to start to ‘live’ again, I will always be grateful for your unstinting support.”

We are a small charity with limited funds but provide an enormous amount of support to many people who have experienced the most awful tragedy.   We wish to thank The Rotary Club of Marlow for choosing our charity as one of the beneficiaries of the Santa Fun Run.   Helpline: 0345 123 2304

The Compassionate Friends   tel: 01494 734161