Money for Charity
External sites Sponsorship 9.30am Sunday 3rd December 2017 - Higginson Park DOWNLOADS SYTNER High Wycombe BMW Lead sponsor to the 2017 Santa’s Fun Run Our lead Charities:

Santas Fun Run raises money (from you!) Then Rotary gives it all to very good causes

The more we raise the more we can give away to good causes!

Giving it away

For 2017 we hope to raise around £40,000 for good causes.

We have chosen

2 lead charities  




For more info on these charities……

Chosen Charities

But it doesn’t stop there, through 2018 we will  distribute a large amount of money to many other mainly local charities and good causes, the button below will show you some of the many charities we have supported in the past.

Other Charities

My Donate

Create your sponsorship website through MyDonate or download a sponsorship form by clicking on the SPONSORSHIP download and start collecting.  However you do it, please remember every extra pound you raise goes to very good causes,  in addition you can choose to donate 50% of your sponsorship fundraising to your own favourite charity

Raising money

We raise money through the entry fees and runner sponsorship.

Runner Sponsorship is very important to our fund raising and we are very keen to increase the amount raised. Please support us – either as an individual or as a part of team. INDIVIDUALS OR TEAMS WHO RAISE THE MOST MONEY WILL BE INVITED TO FEATURE IN OUR POST RUN PUBLICITY AND MIGHT SECURE ADDITIONAL FUNDS FOR THEIR CHOSEN CHARITY.

Start asking friends, family and colleagues to sponsor you. Register with our charity page at